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Genealogy Estate Planning Made Simple

  • 3 Jun 2024
  • 7:00 PM
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At some point in life, we genealogists recognize that we will sooner or later pass from “this mortal coil.”  What happens to our life’s work of genealogy software, photos, documents, and miscellaneous related materials?  Two options: do nothing and throw fate to the wind, or, plan for its preservation.  Many extant articles provide detailed instructions on how to designate the future of your genealogy materials after you pass away.  Usually, they require a great input of your time and mental acumen.  In my talk, I provide a precise and simple solution, namely, fill out a one-page form and you are done.  Overcome inertia!!!  It takes only one hour.  I will outline the issue and walk attendees through the short process.  It is doable!  I hope everyone will recognize that genealogy estate planning can be simple!

Dr. Thomas F. Willer is currently a long-time member of the Lake County Illinois Genealogy Society.  He discovered genealogy as a natural progression from his college degrees in history.  Family lore and history seemed a natural orientation.  Like many genealogists, he interviewed family members.  His father-in-law lived to be one hundred years old and had an utterly unbelievable memory.  He was born in 1917 and recalled that his mother inherited some money in 1926.  She and her husband decided to build a kitchen onto their small frame house in Kewanee, Illinois.  I asked him if he knew the name of the carpenter who did the work.  Although only nine years old, he recalled the name of the handyman.  His amazing recollection energized Dr. Willer into serious genealogy investigation.

Gathering statistics is the heart and soul of a genealogist.  We all want to share our thrilling detective work with family and friends.  Creating software documentation is the first step.  Next, many genealogists write articles on aspects of their research.  Dr. Willer has published several genealogy-related articles, including “In Search of Lemuel Holsclaw,” Lake County Illinois Genealogy Society Quarterly, Vol. 34, No. 3, Pg 85-91.  He has given a few genealogy programs, including one where he dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and delivered a talk entitled: “How My Family Saved Abraham Lincoln’s Life.”  This lifelong adventure led him to contemplate how to preserve a lifetime of research.  To help fellow genealogists, this perception led to the creation of his latest program: “Genealogy Estate Planning Made Simple.”

**Note this is our Annual Members Meeting** The Webinar will be recorded and available on the CGS website in the members only section.

Registration is required via the Chicago Genealogical Society website under Events. Registration will close 1 hour prior to the event. The meet-up will take place virtually via ZOOM. All people registered will receive an email the morning of the event with log-in instructions and a link. This information is not to be shared.

Note: This webinar is FREE for CGS members. Non-Members can register for the event for $10. No refunds. 

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