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Chicago and Cook County

Other Institutions & Organizations Other Institutions & Organizations
City Government City Government
History History
Street Guides & Maps Street Guides & Maps
  • Census, A Look At Cook: Maps and Boundary Descriptions for Wards, Townships, and Enumeration Districts.
  • Chicago Street Address Conversion Guide: In 1909, Chicago changed its street-numbering system for most of the city. Use this address conversion guide to find a building's original address.
  • Chicago Street Name changes
  • Atlas of Historical County Boundaries: This database gives the historical county boundaries of every county in the United States. You can view and download Adobe PDF files for any state that is of interest to you in your genealogical research. ie. Illinois. Each county in Illinois is listed alphabetically with a map showing the outline of the county at a given period of time. The time period is shown at the top of the map and there is an explanation of what change occurred to the map of the county during the time period in question.
  • Discover the past by address. An interactive online map of Chicago where you can find and share historical information about Chicago. Are you researching the history of a neighborhood? Looking for the church where your great-grandparents got married? Interested in mapping the places where your ancestors lived?
  • Chicago Imagebase (Maps)
  • Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
  • Index of various Chicago maps
  • Sanborn Maps for Illinois: These historical fire insurance maps of Illinois often include detailed drawings of the businesses, and occasionally details about operational hours or numbers of employees.
  • State maps
Neighborhoods Neighborhoods
Schools Schools

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Archives, Libraries and Societies

in Suburban Cook County in Suburban Cook County

General Genealogy

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